Art Heals

Wellness Wednesdays: I Am A…

It’s Wednesday! In this mid work week, we are sharing you this simple arts for wellness activity to make you relax and get you going until the weekend. Our activity for today is called: “I Am A…”

You will need  some scratch papers, markers and any coloring materials you wish!


Start by making a random doodle using a marker.

Random Doodle

Look at it from different angles.

Look at Different Angles

Think of an image you can make out of this random doodle. What do you see?

What do you see?

Then try to write a statement starting with “I am a (the image you came up with).” Write about the characteristics that resonates with the image that you see in the doodle.



Try this simple yet engaging arts for wellness activity everyday and watch significant changes in your life! Feel free to share your experience on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram with hashtag #wellnesswednesday @artistmadhouse