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Expressive Art and Creative Play: Superhero Pretend Play

Expressive Art and Creative Play
Expressive Art and Creative Play

Expressive Art and Creative Play is the fusion of art and play. It harnesses the potential of children to discover new knowledge through creative experimentation. It gives children opportunities to express themselves in an encouraging and supportive environment. Last April 25, Artist Madhouse has conducted Expressive Art and Creative Play workshop with children at Mulberry Kids Preschool with the theme “Superhero in me”. See Details “Expressive Art and Creative Play: Superhero Pretend Play”

Artist Madhouse Art Heals

Our Humble Beginnings

We are Jem and Carol, the hearts and minds behind Expressive Art Meditation & Expressive Art and Creative Play, expressive art workshops that nurture your heart and mind, inspiring you to be your best self.

Jem and Carol Expressive Art Workshop Facilitators



Yes, we are having the time of our lives, after struggling for 9 years on finally having the courage to follow our hearts and forget the anxiety of having nothing to provide for our financial responsibilities.

Going back in 2006, after four years of being together in college, we dived into what we always hear as the real world.

Jem Benzon and Carol Tongcp's Happy Craft Story College Life
Jem and Carol’s college life at University Of Santo Tomas

Since we are Fine Arts graduates, we sought for jobs that we thought would “help us pay the bills” – we became freelance visual merchandisers and later on web and graphic artists. It was ironically funny that we worked in the same company at that time, having remembered sipping hot chocolate on a nearby bread shop talking about our life dreams almost everyday.

Jem Benzon And Carol Tongco did the Visual Merchandising for Orange Juice, Sari Sari and Spin
Jem and Carol  together with their college friends did the  window display design for Orange Juice, Sari Sari  Store and Spin
Jem Benzon And Carol Tongco became graphic designers in an IT company
Jem and Carol became graphic designers in an IT company

After a year, we separated ways, and Carol jumped from one corporate world to another, while Jem went on freelance. For four years we would share on our struggles at work and our hopes as artists and what we really love to do. However, our fear of failure has paralyzed us in doing nothing to pursue our life dreams.

Artist Madhouse Arts and Crafts Business Planning
Our first business planning session. We started off as a Graphic and Web Design Business.

It was in 2011 that Carol hopped off the corporate world and invited Jem to put up a business. We were excited then, and so we registered it immediately and started working from one project to the other. But we know there is something wrong. Why are we doing web and graphic design again? That question we brushed off our minds, as we focused on earning money than following our life dreams. When you are in the middle of financial responsibilities, you rationalize the wrong decisions you make. We went on from one project to another, but we didn’t earn as much as we expected. We got frustrated again. That emotional pain brought us to where we are today. The pain was a signal sent to us, that we are not meant for this kind of job. Also, hearing Bro. Bo’s talks reaffirmed us that our core gift will lead us to success. It’s time that we end this agony and pursue our life dreams.

Expressive Art Meditation Process
<a href="">Expressive Art Meditation</a>


We digged into our hearts and looked into our passion and purpose. We are passionate about spreading awareness that beyond its aesthetic purpose, art is a powerful tool for self-direction and self-empowerment. Our purpose is to use art to help people regain their connection to self and others.

Though this, we have created programs inspired from our experiences as artists, volunteers, church workers and being Filipino culture enthusiasts. As artists, we have personally used art whenever we want to connect with our core  and to heal our emotional distresses. For ten years, we have been doing therapeutic art and play with children with cancer and chronic illnesses through Kythe Foundation. We witnessed how art alleviates the physical and emotional pain of children and their families. Our deep spirituality is a product of our constant involvement in in church service through the Charismatic Community. All our passions make up our innovative processes that is deeply rooted in our identity as Filipino artists.

Expressive Art and Creative Play
<a href="">Expressive Art and Creative Play</a>

This is our way of giving back to our Father the grace and generosity He has given us, by having this opportunity to pursue our life dreams again.

We are asking for your prayers to always make us instruments of God’s love and empowerment through our workshops. We will be praying for you too, who has read our humble story right now. As Bro. Bo is always wishing for us, that’s our wish for you too… That may all of your dreams come true, in Jesus’ name.

In this moment that we are building our dreams, we know we are in the planting season, but we believe that the harvest time will surely come. We know the Lord has turned our fears and failures into the right path. The road is not easy, but the journey will surely be worthwhile.

God bless you!


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